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Explore unique species from eight distinct categories, each promising unparalleled beauty and rarity

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From Family To Your Doorstep

We are the AlAqabawi family, turning our ancient hunting traditions into a thriving, ethical animal export business. Welcome to a world where exotic becomes accessible

Over the years, we’ve expanded our reach, forming valuable partnerships with medical research labs, educational institutions, and exotic pet markets. We are proud to be a trusted source for unique animal species that contribute to important scientific discoveries and bring joy to households worldwide


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Key Questions to Consider When Partnering

Do you ship individual animals?

No, we only export in bulk and do not handle individual shipments.

What happens if some animals die during shipping?

If any animals perish during transit, we will cover the cost provided you present photographic evidence of the deceased animals..

Can I visit your location in Egypt or personally select my order before shipping?

Yes, we have an animal farm in Egypt that you’re welcome to visit. Additionally, you can come and personally select your order prior to export.

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