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Virtual Exotic Animal Marketplace

Lemiechinus Auritus


Starting @ $25 /

Diverse Animal Collection Export<br />

Paraechinus Desert

Desert Hedgehog

Starting @ $25

Exotic Animal Trade Associations

Atelerix Algirus

North African Hedgehog 

Starting @ $50

Exotic reptils

Spalax leucodon

Egyptian Mole Rat  

Starting @ $150

Wildlife Expo Participation<br />



Starting @ $10

Exotic Animal Trade Associations

Mustela Peregusna

Marbled Polecat

Starting @ $700

Specialty Exotic Animal Requests

Poecilictes libyca

Libyan Striped Wease

Starting @ $600

Global Animal Sourcing Specialist

Herpestes Ichneumon

Egyptian Mongoose

Starting @ $900

 Legal Wildlife Transaction

Gerbillus Gerbillus

Lesser Egyptian Gerbils

Starting @ $7

Exotic Pet Import/Export

Meriones Shawi

Shaw’s Jird

Starting @ $10

Exotic Animal Trade Shows

Pachyuromys Duprasi

Fat Tailed Gerbil

Starting @ $12


Jaculus Jaculus

Lesser Egyptian Gerboa

Starting @ $25

 Live Animal Shipping<br />

Jaculus Orientalis

Greater Egyptian Gerboa

Starting @ $30

Rare Species Import/Export

Sekeetamys Calarus

Bushy Tailed Dipodin

Starting @ $10

Exotic Pet Business

Rousettus Aegyptiacus

Egyptian Fruit Bat

Starting @ $35

Geneta Geneta

Long Tail and large genet

Starting @ $00/


What is AlAqabawi's Zoo?

AlAqabawi’s Zoo is a family-operated sanctuary and farm located in Egypt. We specialize in providing rare and exotic species to a diverse range of clients, including zoos, researchers, educators, and wildlife enthusiasts across the globe.

How do I visit AlAqabawi's Zoo?

We warmly welcome visitors to our family sanctuary. Contact us to arrange a visit and witness our commitment to care, ethics, and the well-being of our extraordinary animal residents.

What sets your collection apart?

Our exclusive collection comprises valuable and rare species, emphasizing ethical practices and ethical breeding. We take pride in offering a unique range of creatures nurtured with dedication and love.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, our reach extends worldwide. We ship our carefully cared-for animals to various corners of the globe, ensuring safe and comfortable journeys for each species.

How can I trust the quality of your offerings?

With references from satisfied customers worldwide, our reputation is built on trust and excellence. Our commitment to transparent transactions and ethical practices is the foundation of our global recognition.

Is affordability a part of your offerings?

Yes, we believe that excellence should be accessible. We provide affordable pricing without compromising the quality and care that define AlAqabawi’s Zoo.

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